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Anchored links from Exported Visio HTML to Exported Excel HTML

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    Smile Anchored links from Exported Visio HTML to Exported Excel HTML

    Hi folks,

    As I type this I've more or less accepted that it really isn't likely to be possible, but if it is I'm hoping someone on here will know! ;-)

    A colleague of mine is using Visio and Excel to produce an interactive flowchart and matrix (clicking on boxes on the Visio chart links directly to specific cells on the Excel spreadsheet).

    Now, the complication emerges when he tries to export both the Visio file and the Excel file to HTML pages, but while still trying to maintain these very specific anchored links between the pages of the original documents.

    I've told him that I can add HTML code into the exported HTML pages manually to reproduce these specific anchored links, however he is constantly updating these documents and can't code HTML himself, so he needs everything to work on the exports as I won't be able to recode the pages every time he updates them.

    I hope I've clearly described what we're trying to achieve, if anyone knows how this might be done (or can put us out of our misery if it simply can't) I'll be extremely grateful! :-D


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