Hello all!

I am using a MacBook and running the 2008 version of MS Office. I have been given a chart in which I need to insert a link under some text in the boxes. What happens every time is that I put the hyperlink in, and the entire box becomes a link. I have tried selecting the text first, typing and linking in MS Word and then copy/pasting, pasting as a Word object... Most of these things are linking to the same document, and I'd like to follow with the page number they should look at. For example:

Planting Native Grasses
nativeplants.pdf page 5

the "nativeplants.pdf" would be the hyperlink.
Is this possible?

Related--I have searched and read that it is not possible to put 2 hyperlinks in the same box. Is this true? I really don't want to go the route of using a Word object, since when I tried that the resizing messed up the text and made it illegible.

Thank you all for your help!