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Separate tabs from a spreadsheet

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    Exclamation Separate tabs from a spreadsheet

    I have a spreadsheet with about 6 tabs all referencing to different customers. The problem i have is if data is changed in tab1 and i need to send this to the customer all other tabs (and other customers info) goes with it.

    Is there a way of sending just the tab i require to the required customer?
    Another option is a seperate sheet for each so is there a way of seperating the current tabs into sheets of there own?

    No tabs data refers to another so no issue there.
    Otherwise is there a macro that will only send the required tab, something where the cover sheet has a list of tabs to customers which can be highlighted and sent

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    Re: Seperate tabs from a spreadsheet

    To separate all the sheets, right click on a worksheet tab, select Move or Copy then New Book and save with a new file name. Repeat for the other sheets. Alternatively you could just do this for the sheet that you want to email, make sure you check the Copy box and save this as a temporary file. Your existing file will remain with all the sheets together.

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    Re: Seperate tabs from a spreadsheet

    Just a separate idea...

    Our company does not send Excel workbooks to anyone, ever. It's just not a safe environment. Not telling what hidden info or stuff can get forgotten and included...extra sheets just being one of the issues.

    We use PDF-Writer and print worksheets to PDFs and send customers/vendors PDFs. If I were going to write a macro to copy sheets to individual workbooks for emailing, I would have to have that macro print individual PDFs instead. Much safer end result.
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