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Completed Excel Spreadsheets

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    Smile Completed Excel Spreadsheets

    I thought i would create a thread where people can share the spreadsheets they have been working on when they are complete. I used the forum quite a lot when creating this so i think it only fair that you get to see the fruits of our labour. Please feel free to use this spreadsheet if you think you can find a use for it.

    I was asked to create a spreadsheet that can be used to controll different learning materials. This spreadsheet works in the following way.

    In the resource description tab this is a list of all the things people can loan and each resource is given an arbitary number.
    When someone loans a resource the name and email address of the loaner is entered into the on loan spreadsheet.
    The date that the item was loaned is also entered. The return date is auto populated for 30 days from the load date.
    By pressing cntrl - E an email is auto generated for any overdue loans.

    Im quite happy with the way it works. Thanks to all of you who have helped me generate this spreadsheet. Any comments welcome
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