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Excel 2007 : football prediction game

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    football prediction game

    Hi this is my first time posting a thread so I apologise if its in the wrong area however any help would be very much apprecitaed as you can see from my sample I have devised a prediction game all the teams are from the english premiership using drop down listings (with room for more teams) however if for any reason a player does not participate in the game the unentered score still scores a 3 from a nil nil outcome how do I get this to read just 0 score also I am looking to keep a track of the league table from week to week is there an easier way to create a number of copies onto another sheet and also creating a player league so at the end of the season a winner can easily be seen I hope I have made sense how do I add all there scores up easily so basically all i have to do is enter the correct scores and excel does all the maths many thanks in advace
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