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Excel 2007 : How to automatically display "best measurement"

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    How to automatically display "best measurement"

    First, what I am doing:
    The usage is on a chemical calculation sheet, in which several factors are calculated. The result is along the lines of "add 1,400 grams (4 1/4 cups)". The grams are for logs, the cups as easy common measurements (especially as each chemical weighs differently).

    I am looking for several things here, however:
    I would like the common measurement to display either tsp, tbsp, or cups, down to fractions of 1/8. Preferably, the fractions would be reduced (ie. 1/2 instead of 4/8). Displaying 3rds along with the 8ths would also be okay, as the scoops do include 1/3 cup, but I don't want anything odd like 3/5 or 1/9. I also don't need mixed measurements (ie. "7 cups and 4 tbsp").

    Can anyone give me some pointers on how to go about this? Is it possible to do all this with just a long IF formula? I could do the measurement selection easily enough (tsp/tbsp/cups) based on amount, but I'm not sure how to go about restricting and reducing the fraction display.

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    Re: How to automatically display "best measurement"

    Hello hjanfield,

    do you really think someone can solve this without seeing a sample file of your data structure and some sample data? A lot of people here are good at Excel, some very good, but none of us are mind readers.

    Post a sample file and mock up your expected results. Explain the rules that lead to the result, e.g. how many tsp, tbsp, cups, whatever, are in a widget.


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