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Pivot table filter by specific day of the month

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    Pivot table filter by specific day of the month

    I have a pivot table with first column being dates list for 3 years in increment of 1 day.

    I want to filter this column to show only the dates where the day of the month equals 30.

    Ex: 1/30/2011, 3/30/2011....5/30/2011..etc.

    How do I do that in a pivot table - I use excel 2010.

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    Re: Pivot table filter by specific day of the month

    As far as I know this cannot be done directly in the Pivot Table, other than using a helper column in the source data.

    If you add a helper column to the source data and use this formula, you can set this helper column as the page field in the Pivot Table and filter on "TRUE" to show only values for a specific day.


    Where cell D1 is an input cell for the "day" ( e.g. 30)
    This approach does require a refresh of the PT when you change the input value.

    Perhaps someone else can provide a better method.

    Do you know . . . ?

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    Re: Pivot table filter by specific day of the month

    hey vesapo, yes you need to add a additional column in your source data, just include a new column and add "=IF(DAY(A2)=30,A2,"")", and filter based on the new column

    Hope it helps!!

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