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Find Formula

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    Find Formula

    I have a worksheet with a ton of information on it and am trying to sort though the info to make it easier.

    A9 last, first
    A10 (blank cell)
    A11 "billed date"
    A12 12/20/2010

    I am trying to capture the name (A9) and the date (a12) and put it into a sperate worksheet. Ive been trying to get this for a few weeks now and gone absolutely nowhere except crazy any help would be appreciated.


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    Re: Find Formula

    Hi ahcdrburns, and welcome to the forum,
    It looks like you need a little VBA code.

    You will need to post a sample workbook with about 4 or 5 of the above and a sample of what you expect on sheet 2. Click on Advanced below the message area and then on the paperclip icon above the message area to give us a sample file.
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