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Selecting Rows

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    Unhappy Selecting Rows


    I have a list of row numbers that I need to select in another spreadsheet I.e I have a spreadsheet with around 25,000 rows in it, and I have another with around 5,000 rows in it that lists the row numbers I need to select in the other spreadsheet.

    See attachment for a sample of the smaller of the two spreadsheets that shows the row numbers I want to select

    I want to select the rows so I can cut them out and insert into a new sheet as I only need to edit these 5,000 not the entire sheet.

    Can anyone help??
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    Re: Need Help Selecting Rows

    Something like this. This macro creates a "string" for addresses, you can then insert that string into a range reference on another worksheet to copy / paste. The macro puts a formula in column B to create an actual list of numbers, unlike the problematic text strings you actually have in column A.
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