How do I make Excel use the minimum/maximum axis values selected in my data so I do not have to go back and reformat the axis?
How can I make Excel accept a time value formatted as 9:00:00 in the Axis Dialog box so I donít have to determine the decimal time value?

I select time values in column B from 9:00:00 to 11:00:00 and then select corresponding data in column D. Click Insert=>Scatter. I want the chart category axis to begin at the time 9:00:00, the first data point that was in my column B selection, but Excel 2007 uses displays the scatter chart category minimum value of 00:00:00. I then click right click category axis and select format axis. In the AXIS Dialog box I Fixed to the right of the word Minimum. I know the time I want to enter but Excel 2007 will not accept the time format as 9:00:00 so I have to go to the spreadsheet with the data and select the cell with the time 9:00:00 and right click and select Format Cells then select General under Category so I can read (memorize) the time in Excel number format.