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Interlinking(?) values in cells and sheets

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    Interlinking(?) values in cells and sheets


    I've searched all over the place for this problem I'm having and I'm not really having any success even finding what to call my problem... but here it is.

    I have multiple sheets, each with 2 types of data, 5 types of data in total (call them .
    Sheet 1:
    Matches Apples (column 1) with Oranges (column 2) - such as:
    Apple1 Orange1
    Apple1 Orange2
    Apple2 Orange1

    Next sheet has Oranges (col 1) matched with Plums (col 2)
    Orange1 Plum2
    Orange2 Plum4
    Orange2 Plum5

    So on and so forth... there can also be 1 fruit matched with multiple other fruits or vice versa throughout all sheets.

    Essentially sheet one matches Apples with Oranges, sheet 2 will go oranges to plums, sheet 3 goes plums to bananas, sheet 4 goes bananas to pears.

    2 sheets have over 1000 rows, 1 has 38,000 rows, the 4th has 90,000 ish. I'm trying to be able to in any sheet show all 5 data types (fruits) as they relate to each other in the other sheets.
    Unfortunately I can't share the data file... any ideas? hope I explained it well enough, I'm not even sure what to call what I want to do


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    Re: Interlinking(?) values in cells and sheets

    You don't have to share your original data. Set up a sample file with dummy data that shows what you want to achieve. Stick to the fruit theme, if you want. That'll work just fine.

    From the explanation above, I can't quite picture what the input and desired output are.

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