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Gantt Chart Formula

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    Gantt Chart Formula

    I am using Excel to provide a Gantt chart for each route operated at this location. The formulas that I am using work perfectly as long as the start and end time are within the same day. However, in cases where a route starts in an evening and extends beyond midnight, the Gantt is not properly reflected. I need a formula that will work for all cases even when routes extend beyond midnight, properly reflecting the Gantt chart for each route's start and end time.
    I have attached a sample excel spreadsheet with a note highlighting one of the rows where the formula is not working properly to fit my needs. I could hard code the Gantt in but the user has the option to select the start time of the Gantt schedule so the formulas need to consider all routes that do and do not start and end within the same day.

    Thanks in advance for the assist!
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    Re: Excel Gantt Chart Formula Issue

    Try this (in cell S14 and copied across):
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    Obviously, then copy it to other rows ...

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