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Excel 2007 : Estimating expenditures

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    Estimating expenditures

    Hi I need QUICK Help with a problem I hope to be able to solve with EXCEL
    I need to estimate expenditures in future years based on two years of historical data and with a know end point for a project in which I want to expend all fund available. Scenario ...i have a project with a total value of $12,000,000 and a term of 5 years. Year 1 and Year two have passed and I know that in YEAR 1 = my project is 15% complete and I have spent $10% of funds ($1,200,000). In Year 2 project is 30% complete and I have spent 50% of funds ($6,000,000). I also know that in year 5 I will be 100% complete and spend 100% of funds. I want to know how to estimate what I will spend in Year 3 and Year 4.

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    Re: Estimating expenditures

    This is more a business issue rather than an Excel Issue. What factors play into how you will spend the remaining 50% over the final three years. Will the the expenditures be pro rata (ie. $2M per year), will there be a larger proportion spent in year 3 than year 4 and 5, etc. What will be the basis of your spends. Only you can determine this. These can all be written into a formula in Excel, but only after you determine the parameters of the spend.

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