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Excel 2007 : Adding values in column based on criteria from another column

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    Question Adding values in column based on criteria from another column


    Column A: date
    Column B: Type of purchase (bills, food, gas, etc)-from dropdown
    Column C: Amount of purchase

    Ideal setup:

    Column D: list different types of purchases [no duplicates] (bills, food, gas, etc)
    Column E: sum the amount of all purchases of that type (bills-from column D- : $1500.80, etc)

    Is this possible to set up with one formula? Or do I have to use VBA? Multiple columns? Yeah, I've been racking my brain on this one, trying to figure out ways to do what I need.

    Also note: will have to repeat the process for sub-types, as well. (Fast Food & Utilities, to continue with the above example).

    Many thanks, in advance, for any kind of input people here have.
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