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Excel 2007 : Calling functions based on input values in Excel 07 (functions array?)

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    Calling functions based on input values in Excel 07 (functions array?)

    Hello, everybody. I am a fairly experienced Excel user, but not an expert. I have a spreadsheet that contains 32 numerical values (1-32). I also have 32 unique functions that are matched up to numerical values. What I am trying to come up with is a way to have a cell return the result of a function that is called based on the input value. I've attached an extremely simplified example of what I am trying to do. In the example spreadsheet, Column A represents my numerical values (limited to 5 for the example). Column B represents the unique formula that coincides with each numerical value. Cell C7 has a value of 7. Column D represents the input values. Note that they are not in numerical order. Column E represents the value that I hope to get back after Excel figures out that for an input value of 1, I want it to apply the formula in cell B3. I've come up with quite a few ways to get the text of the formula to return in the cells of Column E, but what I really want is a way to get the text of the formula with an actual equals sign so that the formula calculates the result. I'm not opposed to adding columns where multi-step operations are conducted. Obviously, I could handle 5 values from the example spreadsheet with an IF formula, but like I said, I've got 32 values and my formulas in my actual spreadsheet are more complex than in the simplified example. Thanks in advance for any help that comes in.
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    Re: Calling functions based on input values in Excel 07 (functions array?)

    Try UDF. I created a custom function called XYZ with 2 inputs required. X is the value, y is the item #

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