I've read similar threads to this problem, but haven't seen this exact issue described, so here goes:

I have defined an ODBC connection to a datasource. In Microsoft Query, I can successfully hit the datasource, define criteria, and return that data to Excel 2010. I need to define parameters in Excel that will allow a user to select data based on their input. For simplicity's sake, let's say I only need to define one filter called, "Fiscal Year". I successfully linked a cell to the query as a parameter. That works fine. However, I need the user to be able to specify a "select all" condition. For example, they should be able to filter on fiscal year 2004 or "all years". In Microsoft Query, inputting "Like '%%'" as the criteria works. However, putting the SAME value in the cell linked as the parameter in Excel does not. I've tried:

Like '%%'
\Like '%%'
Like '%'
Like %%
Like %

No luck. In my amature opinion, Excel must be putting some "wrapper" on the data before it is passed to Microsoft Query. Why else would this work in Microsoft Query but not in Excel?

Any help is greatly appreciated.