We have an issue in that I have to update pricing and content for the company website. We sometimes receive 3000 different Stock keeping units (skiís) from a supplier in a spread sheet. Each spread sheet will at least have a sku product code, a price and a short title description as to what it is example below

We convert these into a CSV file and upload it into our Magento website . In addition, they give me the sku images on a separate CD, in an ideal scenario each has the same name as the SKU it refers to in the spreadsheet. Sometimes they have three images for the same product and we manually have to load all three . Usually we would drag and drop the images into our website, but this can take hundreds of hours .

The questions I have is
Image Uploads
1. Is there an easier way to do this using Excel and how do I do this?
2. In some scenarios the images are not correctly named and we then manually just drag and drop these into our website against the preloaded CSV again this takes forever is there a quicker method out there

Thank you to anyone that can help