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Automatic Sorting in Sports League Has Glitch

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    Automatic Sorting in Sports League Has Glitch

    So I am trying to adapt a template for a basic tennis league. All I am trying to do is have the results that I enter on one page (The 'Results') page, automatically get inputted into the league standings that exist on the other page. These standings should then re-sort based on number of wins from top to bottom.

    So far everything seems to work except that if I input a few results the table deletes the team at the bottom of the standings and changes the team value to a 0. If I continue to input results the zero often changes back to a team name, or a different team gets deleted. Occassionally the 2nd to last team has their row also turn into zeros.

    I am at the limit of my abilities here and have no idea whats wrong. So if anyone has suggestions for how I can fix this problem, I would really appreciate the help. Thanks so much!
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    Re: Automatic Sorting in Sports League Has Glitch


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