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Excel 2007 : How to do ANOVA with Data Analysis Tool Pack on the data enclosed

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    How to do ANOVA with Data Analysis Tool Pack on the data enclosed

    I want to find out if job engagement level varies by age. I have enclosed the data. How cam pme do ANOVA ( one-way anova) with Data Analysis Tool Pack 2007. What I did was:
    With the help of Pivot Table, I made three age groups and against each age group, I have calculated engagement levels. But the problem is : with pivot table, different observations are clubbed. For example, in Value Field Settings, if one chooses 'Sum" individual observations are lost and only sum is given. If 'count' is opted, only number of entries are shown but not their values.

    How to do one-way ANOVA? Please suggest how to tabulate without loss of properties and do anova with Data Analysis Toolpack?
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