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Sorting data from one column to multiple columns by year

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    Sorting data from one column to multiple columns by year

    Hi, thank you for taking the time to read my post.
    I have a worksheet of data with 3 columns:
    A3-date (DD/MM/YYYY),
    A4-flow (a number),
    A5-sym (a letter).

    I have about 50 years of daily data. Some years are 366 days long.
    I need to separate the data into columns so that every pair of columns corresponds to the flow and sym for a certain year. For example, in a new worksheet
    A3-flow 1948
    A4-sym 1948
    A5-flow 1949
    A6-sym 1949
    Some cells are empty and that has to be preserved because data in each cell corresponds to a certain day in the year.
    Does anyone have any suggestions? Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated.
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