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Listing output of checked checkboxes to a printable list

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    Listing output of checked checkboxes to a printable list

    I'm sure this has been covered many times, but after spending a couple hours searching, I gave up and have posted it here. I'm trying to learn more about Excel. I've been working on learning Linux for the last couple years and now have moved on to Access and Excel.

    Here's the simple problem I have. (see attached) I've attached a "learning" file.

    I want to take the output of a list that has checkboxes for what is needed and produce a list of what is needed. Or, in other words, produce a list of the names of items that are checked. Sounds simple enough, but apparently this simple mind has not been able to solve that. The result is to be able to print out a list of what is needed (checked boxes) periodically.

    Can anyone explain this to me in simple, newbie, (almost illustrated) language?

    If so, thank you so very much. A brain is a terrible thing to waste!
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