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Paste into non contigous Cells

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    Paste into non contigous Cells

    I've spent all afternoon reading posts about copying and pasting into non contigous cells, yet despite the solutions some people have suggested, this simply does not seem to work.

    I want to be able to filter my data set, so for example I can filter column A for the value Berkshire, I then want to be able to select all the Berkshire's in Column A (not a problem, simply select them and copy), but I then need to be able to paste them into column B, so they appear in exactly the same rows as they do in Column A, but this doesn't work, it pastes them into hidden cells as well.

    I've tried the Alt + ; (Visible Cells Only) option, followed by copy and paste and this makes no difference.

    Does anyone know of a way to do this, it must be such a common requirement. I have over 20,000 rows of data to filter, then copy the relevant cells and move to the same row in another column and currently I'm having to move the cells one by one which is ludicrous.

    Many thanks

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    Re: Paste into non contigous Cells

    Maybe this...?
    Filter Col_A for "Berkshire"
    Select the visible range of Col_B cells
    Type: = ...Press the left arrow key one time...CTRL+ENTER
    That will cause each of those cells to reference the corresponding Col_A cell

    Clear the filter
    Copy the Col_B range and Paste_Special.Values over itself.

    Does that help?
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