Hi Everyone!

I have a combobox that filters it's list as the user enters text. In other words, if the users has only typed the letters "Wa" only the items that begin with those two letters are included in the control's filtered list. This works but I want to be able to browse the list with the up and down arrow keys without the combobox.text property changing so that if the user decides that the item that is being searched it's not in the filtered list, he/she doesn't need to delete the text (that by now contains the las item highlighted as a result of the up/down keys pressed) but can procede to modify the partially entered text. In other words, how do I keep the partially entered text intact as the user browses the options usisng the up/down arrow keys (by the way this works when using the mouse instead of the up/down arrow keys).

For any insight on this, Thank you very much!