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Creating an automatic stock list/inventory, HELP!

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    Question Creating an automatic stock list/inventory, HELP!

    Hi guys, basically i am creating an inventory where it simply says how much stock is remaining so I know when to re-order. At present i got a function added so that if a value of stock is 1 or below the rows will highlight.

    What I want to do is create another sheet where the information from the stock amount page automatically transfers into a clear page so that I can see what needs ordering.

    Im a newbie so all this is very confusing and I dont have a clue where to start for this particular thing.

    I have attached two pictures for you all to see. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Main page:

    What needs ordering page:

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    Re: Creating an automatic stock list/inventory, HELP!

    A problem you've got is your data structure. By having a heading and then child rows, i see what you are trying to achieve, but it makes it difficult for Excel!

    If possible, have sheet 1 as a table proper where each row has a printer name. See the attached on how best to set out your source data...

    Then you can run a pivot table over the top of it with a filter for Stock 0, 1 then just right click and refresh, or refresh all from the Data tab.

    This method means you could also add extra columns to the source data for cost, or supplier name, lead times for orders then your summary page you could add more pivots to show different facets of your source data.
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