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Excel Table Print Filter Buttons

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    Excel Table Print Filter Buttons

    Hi all,

    Using Excel 2013.
    I have an Excel Table (List) with filter buttons visible

    However, when I print part of the table to .pdf the filter buttons are not visible in the resulting .pdf.
    Is there an option to print the filter buttons?

    I tried to select the filter buttons to try to set the print property of the object, but that is not working.

    Kind regards,


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    Re: Excel Table Print Filter Buttons

    I have no real idea on how to fix this, but perhaps include some "dummy" buttons - that dont actually do anything - that look the same as your macro buttons?
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    Re: Excel Table Print Filter Buttons

    One thing that you can do is to activate the Camera Tool.....Click on the down arrow on the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT). Choose All Commands and scroll down to the Camera and add it to the QAT.

    Select the table and click the camera tool. The cursor changes to a cross. Draw a rectangle. The rectangle will not be proportional but don't worry about it. When you let go of the left button after drawing the rectangle, the picture of the table will appear and you can size it to suit. If you print, this picture will show the table complete with the buttons.

    The picture is linked to the original so changes you make are reflected in the "picture" with the exception of adding records. If you delete records they are deleted from the "picture".

    Hope this helps.
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    Re: Excel Table Print Filter Buttons


    Try the below UDF.
    1. Copy the Excel VBA code
    2. Select the workbook in which you want to store the Excel VBA code
    3. Press Alt+F11 to open the Visual Basic Editor
    4. Choose Insert > Module
    5. Edit > Paste the macro into the module that appeared
    6. Close the VBEditor
    7. Save your workbook (Excel 2007+ select a macro-enabled file format, like *.xlsm)

    After installing the code in a new module you just return to excel and press = and type AfStatus(Cell_Ref).

    Of course you can use it in CF too... Refer the attached file for details

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