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    Dear , I am attaching herewith an excel file. I have used here an if formula but i am not getting the equal matched amount from both file, Please see the attached file and help me...RECO.xlsx

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    Re: Reconciliation

    The problem occurs because you have some values which occur twice in one sheet and once on another.

    For instance in BRJ you have two rows with
    26-11-2013 -2 000 000,000
    and in
    BSR just one such case. Thus in BRJ your formula in column C returns in both rows OK (indeed in second sheet this dataset is only once).
    While in BSR you got No Match (well - not exactly "no match" but rather "no EXACTLY ONE match" - there are two.

    So I'd suggest slightly modified formula:
    =IF(SUMPRODUCT((A5=BRJ!A$5:A$1300)*(B5=BRJ!B$5:B$1300))=SUMPRODUCT((A5=A$5:A$1300)*(B5=B$5:B$1300)),"Ok","No Match")

    and similar for second sheet
    =IF(SUMPRODUCT((A5=BSR!A$5:A$1300)*(B5=BSR!B$5:B$1300))=SUMPRODUCT((A5=A$5:A$1300)*(B5=B$5:B$1300)),"Ok","No Match")

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    Re: Reconciliation

    You have on BSR 87 many duplicate matches for data on BRJ than means matches that match more than 1 time.
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