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create a product calculator

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    create a product calculator

    I am trying to create an in-house product calculator by means of a
    spreadsheet for in-house calculations of customizable products we offer. Our
    prices are determined by a base price plus whatever variables our customers
    request. Depending on the variables, the price will change. We cannot
    figure out how which function to use to set up such a calculation in a
    spreadsheet (i.e. item x cost $45.00, customer wants to add option A and
    option B. Option A costs an additional $10.00 and option B costs an
    additional $5.00. But let's say our variables are up to 30 different options
    with 10 to 15 customizable items. Is there such a function to us for
    something like this???).

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    Dropdowns with lookup formulas


    This is a similar post, you can adjust the example to meet your own requirements

    Also check out this sight for dependent dropdowns, you can also download a sample sheet there


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