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Viewing Sections of Large Spreadsheet

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    Viewing Sections of Large Spreadsheet

    Spreadsheet organizes information on our clients. First three columns A,B & C contain name, account number and account type. There are 300 rows of client names in column A but we will need to add and delete these rows as clients come and go.

    Additional information about these clients continues in subsequent columns to the right. We need to group these information columns into "sections" that display columns of related data....let's say columns of information about their "home", "business", "children", etc. Sections will have different numbers of columns.

    Since this spreadsheet will have many columns to the right of A,B & C is there a way to specify and view a "section" so that only columns A, B & C and the columns of that specific section are displayed, e.g., I want to only look at information about "home" which might be many columns to the right?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Viewing Sections of Large Spreadsheet

    Sure - use a custom view:
    Hide the columns you don't want to show, then click the View tab, and in the Workbook Views group, click Custom Views. Give you view a name. Unhide everything, then give the unhidden version the name NormalDefault.
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