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Conditional Formatting

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    Conditional Formatting

    I'm tyring to use conditional formatting to compare several rows in one column to the associated rows in another column and indicate column a better than, equal to or worse than column b. Can this be done without entering conditional formatting in each row of the first column?

    Each time I try to format the entire column to another entire column I get an error.

    I'm new at conditional formatting, apologies in advance for my cluelessness!

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    Re: Conditional Formatting

    If you select the whole column and then use a formula to determine which cells to format and then enter a formula like:


    this assumes your selection is from A1 down and/or over.

    It will highlight current cell if it is not blank and corresponding B cell is not blank and is greater than corresponding B cell. Note the $ before the B "freezes" that column for comparison to any other selected column.
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