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combining a reference with the INDIRECT function

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    combining a reference with the INDIRECT function

    i need some help combining two functions

    1. referencing a cell on another worksheet
    example: ='reference sheet'!F3

    2. the indirect funtion that would allow me to specify the row number i wish to reference
    example: INDIRECT("F"&A1) a1 being the number i wish to reference.

    im doing a project for my dad, and he likes doing things the hard way...so i am uncompiling a bunch of data for him...

    i figure combining these two would save a lot of time spend deleting and replacing individual row numbers...

    thanks a ton.


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    Re: combining a reference with the INDIRECT function

    Hello stl243, and welcome to the forum.

    Try, instead of the volatile INDIRECT() function, this:

    =INDEX('reference sheet'!F:F,A1)

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