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I need help setting up multiplication and Addition!

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    I need help setting up multiplication and Addition!

    As an infrequent user I cart remember how to set up the following:
    How do I multiply column E by Column F?
    How then do I add the resultant figures in rows 14 to 50?
    It's probably really simple but........

    If I then set it up as a template and have to add rows in future, how do I make sure thos rows "know" the right function of what I set up?

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    Re: I need help setting up multiplication and Addition!

    Hi MikeJ1962

    E1*F1 copy down. Then use the SUM function to sum the required cells.

    Or the SUMPRODUCT, but not seeing a sample sheet it is hard to see what you require. perhaps upload a sample file.
    Regards Kevin

    Merged Cells (They are the work of the devil!!!)

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