We have about 25 employees working at the same time to print address labels. They enter a zip code and receive a list of possible street names to select from. Our problem is that the system becomes very slow when all work at once. Everything works nicely when there is only one user present.

The system consists basically of the following (and is in practice extended with a variety of functions, which are not at stake here):
  • a text file with zip codes (about 1300)
  • a text file with comma-separated zip codes and street names (about 112.000 - actually divided into 12 segments)
  • an excel userform with two combo boxes: 1) zip codes and 2) street names.

Every employee opens an instance of the application. They enter or select the zip codes in the first combobox, then the second combobox populates with the associated street names. The text files are located on a separate server. What follows is the actual code:

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Please note that we are subject to the limitations associated with Excel 2003.

Suggestions on how to speed up the process would surely be appreciated. Thank you.