Hello, I need some VBA code to address the following:

Scenario: A pivot table reveals a probable error in the underlying source data. The error needs to be located and corrected in the source data, and then the pivot table needs to be refreshed.

*Problem*: The double-click action on a pivot table fields creates a new worksheet with the records applicable to that field. A user must *identify the data error in the new worksheet and then scour the source data to find that same record*, correct the data error in the source, and refresh the pivot table.

One of two alternatives would make this process much easier for the user:

Option 1: Use VBA to modify the behavior of a PivotTable cell's double-click action to return the user to the source table, and automatically apply filters to the source data to display only those the records applicable to that field. (Assume the source data is already formatted as a Table.) In other words, don't create a new sheet with the applicable data, just filter the source data to show the applicable data. Then the user can find and correct the problem in one shot - in the source data.

This option would mean the user would not have to manually delete the new worksheet when they are done with it - always an annoyance. However, I don't want to affect the new worksheet functionality to achieve this goal; I've seen other code for the PivotTable double-click function affect this functionality.

Option 2: Allow the PivotTable double-click to work as normal. When the user finds the culprit record in the new worksheet, take the user to that same record in the source table via a macro short-cut key. E.g., the user could select the row they want to find in the source data, and the macro searches the source data for a perfect match of the selected row, and takes the user there.

Thank you for any assistance you are able to provide!