hi everyone,

it's been a while for me.

i once made an excel sheet that had some information to be filled out by my techs. once done they press "send" (outlook has to be open) and the script would save a copy of the excel sheet to a folder on the c:/ drive (make it if not there) renamed the file using cells on sheet, then open a new email message with the subject and body filled out using other cells from the sheet and the renamed file as an attachment.

what i'm trying to do is the same idea but i want to have my techs to be able to attach images that have been saved to their computers. the hard part will be this:

in excel:

pick the "before image" cell and pick the "before image" and move to "trouble info" and add some, then pick the "after image" cell and pick the after "image image" and move to the "repair info" cell and add some info, then move to the "location" cell and type some info.

i would limit this to about 5 different locations if they have more they can fill out another sheet.

once done they hit the "send" it basically does what i have made before but i want to save the "image attachments" as the following:

workorder+location+before.jpg and workorder+location+after.jpg

the "workorder" would be some of the information they need to add to the sheet.

not sure it can be done. any help with attaching the files and renaming them would be great. i can most likely figure it out the rest.