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Excel conditional formatting, Worked but not Anymore.

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    Excel conditional formatting, Worked but not Anymore.

    Hi Guys,

    I have used conditional formatting on a range of cells which works perfectly when i manually type in values. But when they are copied from another worksheet using VBA code it stops working. Unless I go to each cell and go to edit it, it doesnt even work if i delete the condition and re-enter it.

    If I go to the worksheet select the range and copy then go the new sheet and pastspecial (Values only) it works. But the conditional formatting doesn't like it when using VBA.

    The different codes I tried which dont work are:

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    Can any way Help on this as not sure why none of it works as it only happens to this one column.


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    Re: Excel conditional formatting, Worked but not Anymore.


    More than likely its a relative reference in the Cond. Format cell that you're copying. But in any case if you use paste special values you'll lose the original formatting.

    Upload your workbook and add a note saying which cells you're copying and to which cells you're pasting.
    Richard Buttrey

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