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insert multiple column with different strings

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    insert multiple column with different strings

    Dear Reader,

    i've searched/read alot but can't find anything that applied to my problem. Hopefully someone here is willing to help me, i guess it can be simple...
    This is what it is and what the macro should do to it:what i need.jpg

    I imagine i would select colomn B (or C), then activate the macro so it inserts 3 colomns and the 4 strings in row 2. Or am i thinking too complicated by using a macro for this??

    Thank you very much in advance!

    *note, this is just an example. I need the macro for a very large database of vegetation records, but their scientific names would only make things confusing! So just the strings and quantity are different in the actual file.

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    Re: insert multiple column with different strings

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