Hi all, I have searched around, including other forums and haven't found what I'm looking for. At my old company they had a button integrated into Outlook which saved emails to our server. Several people work on the same project and so we are required to save emails to the correct project folder on the server (and I want to re-create this now...) When a user selects multiple emails and clicks the aforementioned button the following happens: 1) A dialogue box asks the user to type in the project code (but could this be picked from a drop-down list based on a list in a saved worksheet?), 2) A second dialogue box asks the user if this email relates to a "proposal" or a "project" (as our file structure was consistent on our server it worked out where to save it to based on those two bits of info - i.e. N:TeamFolders/Projects/ProjectNo./Emails or N:TeamFolders/Proposal/ProjectNo./Emails, 3) The macro saves the emails with the following format "ProjectNo.-yymmdd(sent/or received date, not save)-InitialsofSender-to-InitialsofRecipient-First 4 words of subject." I am not sure if its possible to swap out the 'first 4 words of the subject' and pick from a bunch of phrases from a dropdown? I appreciate this is a lot but as always, any help would be great.