I have a UserForm ("ZyraUserForm") with a ComboBox1 that I would like to see the list be populated with unique values existing within a named range -- "ZyraRegion" =OFFSET('Zyra'!$D$3,0,0,COUNTA('Zyra'!$D:$D)-1,1) -- that exists in Sheet3. Column D:D is populated based on a separate VB UserForm data entry submission and is limited to 5 unique regions (NAM, LAM, AFR, CHN, EUR). There maybe multiple like-values in column D:D. For instance, "NAM" may exist 20 times in the column in different rows.

What code is needed to populate the list in the ComboBox1 within my UserForm (ZyraUserForm) with the five unique values in the named range, "ZyraRegion"?