I have 8 columns for data entry purposes. Columns B,D,F,H are all associated & columns C,E,G,I are all associated.
The rows go from 8-107.
My question is what the code would be for the cursor to jump from B107 to D8 after pressing enter, D107, to F8, etc. Also the other associated columns should do the same as well such as C107 to E8 & E107, G8, etc.
I'm pressing enter after entry into every cell.

I've searched around for code that might get the cursor to go from cell to cell, but either the code is incorrect, or I have some settings in Excel that I need to change.
I've changed the trust settings to allow macros and I've checked the box in the Developer Macro Settings.
Does the sheet being protected/unprotected make a difference?

Sorry if there has been a post like this in the past,

Have a nice day