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BOM (Bill of Materials) Explosion

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    BOM (Bill of Materials) Explosion

    Dear all,

    First time poster here but long time lurker!

    I am attempting to undertake an analysis of a multi level (~6 level) bill of materials. The BOM list contains approx. 22,000 records detailing the part number, lower level part number and Qty required (amongst other data not relevant to discussion).

    I wish to take a list of parts (approx. 150) and quiz the BOM to tell me the required quantities at each level in the BOM - i.e. make a Kit List of parts that I would require to make the 150 top level items. I do NOT require to know which part is associated with which lower level part.

    For example...

    Bill of materials

    Part Feeder Qty
    A B 1
    B C 2
    B D 2
    C Y 5
    C Z 10
    G H 2
    H I 1
    H J 2
    J K 0.5
    J D 1

    So to “Explode”

    L0 L1 L2 L3
    A B (1 per)
    C (2 per)
    Y (5 per)
    Z (10 per)
    D (2 per)
    G H (2 per)
    I (1 per)
    J (2 per)
    K (0.5 per)
    D (1 per)

    I wish to be able to “plug in” a list of parts and sales Qtys (sales Items) and get out a “usage” of materials

    Parts List
    Sales Item Qty
    A 10
    G 5

    Usage Figs
    A 10 =10
    B (10*1) =10
    C (10*1*2) =20
    D (10*1*2) + (5*2*2*1) =40
    G 5 =5
    H (5*2) =10
    I (5*2*1) =10
    J (5*2*2) =20
    K (5*2*2*0.5) =10
    Y (10*1*2*5) =100
    Z (10*1*2*10) =200

    My data on the BOM will be from a ODBC connection to a table.

    I have seen several items about "recursive macros" but I do not understand them!

    If you require further explanation then please let me know. I need a solution that will work in Excel 2010 and 2013. Thanks in advance


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    Re: BOM (Bill of Materials) Explosion

    Hello Andy,

    Welcome to the Forum and Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    It would be best if you put together a workbook with before and after examples of this.

    How To Post Your Workbook
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    5. In the new window Find the file you want to upload, select it, and Click Open.
    6. You will now be back in the File Manager dialog. Click the bottom Middle button Upload File.
    7. Wait until the file has completely uploaded before you exit the File Manager dialog.
    Leith Ross

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    Old Scottish Proverb...
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    Re: BOM (Bill of Materials) Explosion

    Thanks for the prompt reply.

    I have tried some code but it does not do what I require - it appears to be failing when it is looking through a range of BOM containing 21000 records. The code used is..

    (hope I get this right!)

    Please Login or Register  to view this content.
    This created the 4th table from the left - I have tried to calculate the result that I want as well (Third table from Left)

    Hope this helps
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    Re: BOM (Bill of Materials) Explosion

    Dear all,

    I have found an alternative piece of code with "Mr Google" from https://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Fo...forum=exceldev by Charles Excel MVP The Excel Calculation Site http://www.decisionmodels.com/

    With some tweaks it is working better than my original post however I have some issues with the data output.

    the code is :
    Please Login or Register  to view this content.
    The problems that I am having are...
    1) not listing all items on the BOM explosion - only the lowest level items
    I do not understand the recursive method so not sure what it is doing!

    2) The calculation is "Rounding" (or trimming) the result - When I have 4dp BOM qtys I need 4DP answers.
    I suspect that it may be a "variable as an integer" but when I don't understand the code fully (i.e. less than 25%) then I do not know where to start looking.

    For example the 03414 part consumes 0.1838 of LF5564143
    for 1 off 0.1838 ......I see 0
    for 10 off 1.838 ......I see 2
    for 100 off 18.38 .....I see 18
    for 1000 off 183.8 ....I see 184
    for 10000 off 1838 ...I see 1838

    I will also upload a revised sheet.
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