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Fixing corrupted files for VBA

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    Fixing corrupted files for VBA

    I have a code that's supposed to open up a recently downloaded file, and copy and paste an entire sheet within it. I'm getting an error because the file was partially corrupted and excel-repaired. I've read that the best way around this is to re-save the excel file. Does someone have an idea for a macro that will re-save the file for me?

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    Re: Fixing corrupted files for VBA

    The file is partially corrupted because you downloaded it from the internet. It's probably not corrupted per se. It's a bizzare little security feature that Microsoft didn't document too well, that basically prevents you from opening Excel files that may contain malicious code - i.e. you can't open it from an internet source, until you copy to another folder.

    Ron De Bruin has a lot of info about copying or moving files and folders: http://www.rondebruin.nl/win/s3/win026.htm


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