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Excel Master/Slave Workbooks - External Links

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    Excel Master/Slave Workbooks - External Links

    OK friends, here's what I am working on:

    I have a spreadsheet at work that we use to keep track of every lot of parts we build. We have a table that has one lot number per row. Each column has different information about the lot, as well as if a certain manufacturing step has been completed. (1 for complete, 0 for incomplete) Currently I am manually updating each finished manufacturing step for all departments. (four departments) Here's a simplified version of the table:

    Lot Number Start Date Material Machining Inspection Work Order
    0001 8/9/16 1 1 0 1
    0002 8/10/16 1 1 0 1
    0003 8/11/16 1 1 0 1
    0004 8/20/16 1 0 0 1

    What I want is for there to be one master workbook that includes all of this data, which is pulled from workbooks from each department.
    In other words, lot numbers and start dates will be manually updated in the master workbook, and the other machining steps will populate from data in each of the department workbooks.
    The department workbooks need to have a table linked to the master workbook that shows them the lot number and start dates, and then the master will update their respective column as they fill in their completed machining step for each lot.

    The grand product will be five workbooks, (the master, material department, machining department, inspection department, and work order department) that link to each other.

    Notes: The lot numbers shift order and change on a daily basis. We typically have 400-500 lots on our schedule.
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