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Information about create a global variable

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    Information about create a global variable

    Dear all member!

    no code as of yet


    I have one active x textbox in which a macro is run based on that value
    however, everytime the macro is ran, the textbox value disappears
    I tried setting the value in the textbox1 properties section by typing the value of 10
    but that does not work.
    I would like the value to stay fixed within that textbox even after a macro is ran
    so I heard you have to assign a textbox value to a variable
    I'm not quite sure of the setup, but a brief sample of how to create a global variable
    where that value of 10 is always in the textbox so that it does not disappear.

    Thanks as always.
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    Re: Information about create a global variable

    everytime the macro is ran, the textbox value disappears
    Then the code is clearing the textbox - just a guess, absence of the code means that's all anyone can say...

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