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Multiply cells then perform IF else

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    Multiply cells then perform IF else

    Hi all,

    Struggling with working this one out, I managed to get the code working with one sub calculating the cell multiply on a loop and then another sub performing the IF but because excel won't recognise VBA cell changes it wasn't triggering the second piece of code so now I'm trying to combine the two.

    This is what I currently have:


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    Whats the best way to combine these so it loops the multiplication and then performs the IF statement on Cells(i,23) every time the user updates?

    Many thanks in advance


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    Re: Multiply cells then perform IF else

    VBA is not responding to cell changes done in SquareMeterCalc and IF_Sections, because when these are called evnt triggering is switched off (application.enableevents=false).
    But I wouldn't switch it on as that would result in calling the worksheet_change event over and over and ultimately in a stack overflow.
    I guess you'd better use formulas to do these calculations.

    If your problem is solved, pls mark the thread SOLVED (see Thread Tools in the menu above). Thank you!

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