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How to make combobox search strings in between

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    How to make combobox search strings in between


    I have this combobox in userform and were populated using rowsource. What I need is that everytime I key in or type a text in combobox, a dropdown list would I appear like i type : JOHN, all list that has word "JOHN" in it should appear; JOHN MARK, MARK JOHN, LYOD JOHN,

    Please help, I dont have code yet for this.

    Thank you

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    Re: How to make combobox search strings in between


    Your post does not comply with Rule 8 of our Forum Rules: Do not crosspost your question on multiple forums without including links here to the other threads on other forums.

    Cross-posting is when you post the same question in other forums on the web. The last thing you want to do is waste people's time working on an issue you have already resolved elsewhere. We prefer that you not cross-post at all, but if you do (and it's unlikely to go unnoticed), you must provide a link (copy the url from the address bar in your browser) to the cross-post.

    Read this to understand why we ask you to do this, and then please edit your first post to include links to any and all cross-posts in any other forums (Note: MrExcel has the same rule).

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