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Update userform when user hides sheets

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    Re: Update userform when user hides sheets

    Thank you so much keebellah for your comments!
    I will look into it when I get the chance

    A few things about what you wrote in your reply:

    I don't need the userform activated/showing at all times. This form should be loaded only when pressing another button, perhaps in the ribbon, where I will put it.

    The "sheets" button is just another setting option before the user can run a "reverse columns" macro which is aimed at reversing certain ranges' column order (while keeping every formatting aspect intact in them), in the sheets the user has selected (so that he/she doesn't have to run the "reverse column" macro manually for multiple sheets.

    I only stated the moduel name cause it makes readability easier. When a string of code stands on it own, I may confuse it with a variable when it is not.
    This also helps to immediately identify where it's coming from.. instead of using 'definition' which throws you off the scope of code that you're in). Is this bad practice or merely stating redundancy?

    I should probably have a hide sheet option too.. Didn't think about that..

    Again thank you, much appreciated!
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    Re: Update userform when user hides sheets

    First thing is give the modules a fitting name, defaults Module1 Module2 etc are non-descriptive.
    A variable of a macro is not important, but if you add the module's name it makes it very maintenance unfriendly
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