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Multiple graphs changing one day simultaniously

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    Question Multiple graphs changing one day simultaniously

    Hi guys,

    i have a workbook with a lot of graphs in there. Currently about 30 in different sheets. It's expanding in a week or so with another 20.
    Every morning i get updates in my system that is put in excel. After that i have to manually change every chart so that the data selection goes one to the right and removes one from the first. ( like a 2 weeks period of data that is showing )
    So for instance the select data is at first: B2:O4 and after change it's C2:P4.

    I've found some possible solutions on the internet but they keep crashing my charts and legends data.
    I also have tried changing some parts to tables and making dynamic graphs but that didn't work either. Changing the data to vertical instead of horizontal doesn't work either.

    Does anyone knows a good solution to my problem. I like to have one by vba instead of rewriting my whole excel document.

    Thanks in advance for everyone trying to help or assist me in any way.

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    Re: Multiple graphs changing one day simultaniously

    Attach a sample workbook (not a picture or pasted copy). Make sure there is just enough data to demonstrate your need. Include a BEFORE sheet and an AFTER sheet in the workbook if needed to show the process you're trying to complete or automate. Make sure your desired results are shown, mock them up manually if necessary.

    Remember to desensitize the data.

    Click on GO ADVANCED and then scroll down to Manage Attachments to open the upload window.

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