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Unable to run macro - get an error message

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    Unable to run macro - get an error message

    I have added some VBA code to my excel file, but when I click on the command button, I get an error message that reads "Cannot run the macros 'VBA_Code2Find_Data.xlsm!SearchBox. The macro may not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled.
    I have turned on all macros with "Enable all macros", I have the vba code added into the file, but nothing works...
    I am trying to enable a search of information in the table below, using either the Name or Address. The final table will have about 4000 rows and can be searched using either option. Some words in Name are common, such as Hall, Park and can fetch over a 100 rows in results.
    I would appreciate help to fix this error.
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    Re: Unable to run macro - get an error message

    You have the macro in the code module for the worksheet. Try putting it in a standard module.
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    Re: Unable to run macro - get an error message

    It's just as the error says, the macro cannot be found. Right click on the button and select "assign macro", then select the macro you want to assign to the button. Your search button may have the correct macro name, but it does not have to correct macro location.

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    Re: Unable to run macro - get an error message

    You also have some lines of code which, if you transfer it to a Standard Module, will nit work.

    For example;

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    Pieces of Code like such may have to remain in the Sheet Module itself.
    Please consider:

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