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Record Changing cell value in excel .

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    Record Changing cell value in excel .

    I have a excel DDE worksheet and the cell value changes every second (its actually a stock price). Let that cell be A1, I wanted to record the value of the cell at say 09:15:00 AM (accurate to secs) in an other cell say B1. I am currently using excel 2016. What VBA code should I type or what changes should I make to my excel sheet to get the result??
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    Re: Record Changing cell value in excel .

    Hi, this is not an area of expertise on my part but in an effort to get your post moving...

    Fundamentally I think the main question here is: are you trying to capture the change itself, or simply the value in a cell at a given point in time?

    if just the latter then you might look at the OnTime method... if the former then it's more complicated...

    As I recall ... in terms of capturing a DDE change:

    DDE updates will not invoke the Worksheet Change event
    DDE updates will invoke the Worksheet Calculate event however, that event could trigger for a multitude of other reasons aside DDE

    So, in terms of how best to capture the change...

    Some people refer to the SetLinkOnData method, e.g:


    Alternatively, a great poster here from yesteryear, Colin Legg, suggested assigning an ActiveX TextBox to the cell being updated, and using the Change Event on the TextBox.

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