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USERFORM insert data in range

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    USERFORM insert data in range

    Greetings all,

    I am currently working on a userform with multiple check boxes, what i am trying to accomplish is once the user selects there check boxes, the data is inserted to rows. I have created a subform and checkboxes. But the problem i am having is I can only select one checkbox. Below is the code I understand this is probably basic to some but i am new to using VBA and would really love to learn more.

    Prolem 2.PNG

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    Re: USERFORM insert data in range

    Administrative Note:

    Welcome to the forum.

    We would very much like to help you with your query, however you need to include code tags around your code.

    Please take a moment to add the tags. Posting code between tags makes your code much easier to read and copy for testing, and it also maintains VBA formatting.

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    I did it for you this time. Please read forum rules. Thanks
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